Tuesday, July 27, 2010

S'pore's 'First World Exellence' pays a price for high suicide

Suicide is the final resort of total despair. When help comes too late or some do not know where to seek assistance and counselling.

Many factors contributed to suicide. Hopelessness, loss of self-esteem, work, study stress, living and environmental stress. The totally uncontrolled influx of
Foreigners encroaching into tiny S'pore and the many job lost to foreigners is another trigger factor to suicide tendency.Poverty and how to make ends meet. The high cost of living in a 'first world country' like S'pore with many citizens living a third world existence. The mounting debts to pay...alas!

The false facade of every citizen is owner of public housing. All the PAP's credit? But to WHAT price one got to pay to own a HDB flat nowadays. 'AFFORDABLE' says Mah Boh Tan. Majority living under the perennial debts of serving the 30-year loan. If the sole breadwinner suddenly find himself out of job and with a few mouths to feed..a housing loan to service and other daily necessities to look after, this very STRESS factor will be a strong contributing factor for suicide tendency. It will trigger the the suicide explosion. Jobs will be hard to come by when you lose it and are in the age range of 45 years and above..The social and employers' stigma that when you are old you are useless, slow and a liablity to the system. PAP government knows better what I am saying....

Gilbert Goh my friend, was one such person who was out of job for a while and he encountered so many rejections in his search for a job...but by sheer will-power and determination he overcame the odds and started a "" to help unemployed or people who lose their job.

Behind the success of many men , there are women, Gilbert's wife is a pillar of encouragement, but not everybody is as lucky as Gilbert my friend, to find emotional solace in partnership in times of "when the world is crumbling down on you." Gilbert now resides in Sydney due to his wife professional work commitment.

Gilbert, hope you do not mind my impromptu introduction of your selfless profile. You brought up the 'very death of life' that many
S'poreans are fighting to live a decent life under the emotionally void world of the PAP government. All PAP ministers are dirt rich with their 'exorbitant obscene' high pay, they are totally out of touch of the common folks.

LIP SERVICE IS THE ONLY GOOD many PAP Ministers can yapper and yapper...Cheaper, faster and 'betterer'... to force the deprived citizens quicker, faster and 'betterer' to their grave. SIGH !

patrick lee song juan