Saturday, July 10, 2010

Filial Piety - Love and Respect your Parents

Never be unfilial to your parents. The day will come when the void becomes a chasm. Hug your parents. Utter kind words to soothe their heavy ears. Love them with all your heart. My father left us many yers ago. I guess I did not love him as much. I have my surviving mother at 94 years. We, all nine siblings, love her dearly.
Mother is a grand old dame... a great grandmother with grand children and great grand children.

The modern world of small families eroded the cohesiveness and warm of a large family of our parents time. Today's parents are both working. The value of respect and love are not well-imparted to the children. Less time is spent on their formative years. Sad. The education system failed miserably on the elite segregation of the top school, creating a crutch mentality of snobs and uncaring attitude to our fellow beings.

Children are also left to the maids and nothing is hands-down to them.
Maids are ordered around by these young children and their attitude will reflect on them in later years. They do not know what is respect to elders and parents.

The modern world degenerates into a society of faceless uncaring people....with no filial piety for their aged-old parents. And Khaw Boon Wan is setting a 'good' example to ask us to send our parents to Johore Bahru's old folks' home to stay. Thank you Mr Health minister!!

Alas! the cyclic effects of procreation and family values will reflect on them. An eye for an eye. By the same measure one day their children may also not treat them good as they have treated their parents. So treasure your parents, your loved ones
and life will be good and meaningful.

patrick lee song juan