Friday, July 2, 2010

Political victimisation of the Oppositions

Guess many do not see eye to eye with SDP's martyr style politics. But as you can see through the years SDP has gained regional and world recognition for its courage to stand up to the despotic regime of PAP, even with court case after court case and jailed and bankrupted.
Tonight, SDP's CSJ and Siok Chin were invited to attend an Independent Day function by the US Ambassador at Ritz Carlton. I wonder any other opposition
members were invited. No doubt, PAP will be represented.

I believe in the cause of justice against injustice. And in this setting, the deprived will always be the victim even if they are doing something rational but the draconic laws of PAP thinks otherwise.

Everyone has the right to believe the conviction of righteousness. CSJ is one man against the aircraft carrier 'USS Enterprise'. Lack of resources and fire-power. But defiant and courageous to the end for the betterment of life for Singaporeans. But many do not see it, is because MSM propagandised with collaboration of PAP to discredit SDP's CSJ and for that matter the social stigma is branded on his forehead.

As the young are more literate and internet savvy, nothing can escape and be distorted again. No more one-sided report. The internet age is the eye to the world of authentic news.

We shall see the future of S'pore unfolding not so by PAP's dominance but by able and youthful politicians arising for the transitional change of S'pore politics rather than political hegemony of a one party system of PAP. A two-party or multi-party system will be viable.

Look at Mandala, and Bishop Tutu. Through their struggle, ultimately they saw the light at the end of the tunnel.

S'pore's PAP will not rule forever. No party can rule forever. Nothing is permanent in life. The day will come that all the sacrifice will be worth the salt and SDP may have the last laugh.

We shall see the demise of the PAP slowly but surely.

Patrick Lee Song Juan
(First written on Facebook,
copied to my Blog)