Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Jack Lin's insincere apology - please read. Copy and paste from Facebook

My comment: Jack Lin is a young invertebrate (about 22 year old) grassroot supposedly leader of Joo Chiat CC YEC under MP Chan Soo Sen. Below is his insincere-reply apology posted on Facebook. I copy and paste on my Blog --patrick lee song below please...


from Jack Lin

date Wed, Jul 28, 2010 at 9:19 PM
subject Subject: Re: Is this the way your YPAP behaves?

hide details 9:19 PM (22 minutes ago)

28th July 2010

Dear all,

I come here to apologize for several comments I made online. I am referring particularly to a statement that I have made on a website of Singaporeans as being 3rd class citizens. This was not accurate, I am a Singaporean, so are my friends and family, and my intended meaning have been clarified to the press but I am not here to argue about this. I am here to apologize.

Even if there was any misinterpretation, it is solely my blame for not making it clear. I would like to take the chance to apologize to those who are offended and I will be more careful with my choice of words.

It was not my intention to make these statements as a Joo Chiat grassroots leader and youth activist. I regretted the use of the PAP Facebook page to make the statement, as this made it difficult for others to dissociate me from my affiliations as a grassroots leader and party member.

Though I do not expect everyone to interpret this statement in the positive way as it is intended, I will still thank everyone for this learning experience. Once again, I apologize for the distress caused to everyone. Please accept my humblest apologies.

As I take time to draft a statement, I apologize for the time delayed and thank everyone for their patience.

Jack Lin

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