Saturday, July 31, 2010

We need an urgent change.

@Michael, well said and you have a compasionate heart. Our society only goes for the worthless (rather thousands of dollar spent by parents on the children) paper chase to bring out the quality of character you see in the present bunch of some misfits PAP Ministers and MPs, though we cannot make a sweeping statement on that! We have eyes to see..outcomes.

I am a Voice for the poor, a voice in the wilderness. Do the government listen to individual voices?? I advocate justice and care for the poor and deprived of society due not to their doing but the system they lived in. Many are marginalised. I do volunteer work for the senior citizens and some form of counselling. I am at SAGE.

We cannot change the world but in some small ways with concerted effort in unity we can change the life of others to the better. I believe the government can do much more rather than just LIP SERVICES.

If after 50 years, our citizen thinks the PAP are still that good and blinded by the yes! past achievements of the 'good old guard team', the citizens must open their eyes to the last 5 years of PAP sweeping policies thrushed down everyone's throat. "our throats are really sored man".

We need an urgent change for the better of SINGAPORE. We cannot sit on the fence and like Bryan said swing around (without our brief, or rather Bryan's not wearing it...(joking lah!) and enjoy self-gratification of the ding-dong with the populace suffering to make ends meet....HDB affordable..Foreigners the more the better, work CHEAP, better and betterest..Transport penalising many due to distance based travel..Senior citizens bear the brunch with their concession withdrawed. In fact now I pay more for my travel since July 3rd transport fare change.

"We live for the better of our lives..we do not live for the worst of our

The government is exacerbating our existence.

patrick lee song juan