Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Asean-The toothless Tiger

Asean, from a few countries has grown into a 10-country complex organisation. Kavi C. Ann's perspective of Asean and its emerging power in SEA and Indonesia's prominence shows nothing but the innate POWER of individual entity of nations. Everyone want to be the leader.

Asean can never be homogenous. Conflicting ideas and proposal abound. Human rights infringement, curtailment of freedom of speech, social suppression. Can any Asean nation claim they are angel government.?
Myanmar sticks out like a sore thumb with its worst human right suppression of its citizens and the unjust detention of Aung San Suu Kyi. A dictatorship nation. Singapore, an authoritarian enclave under the despotic LKY, with self-enriching creed as of the "marriage" creed. Many citizens live life on the edge. The poor are marginalised. But S'pore is a first world nation.

No nation in this world can claim credulence to be a nation for the people by the people and with the people. Even the US, a liberal democratic nation, harbours so many hidden agendas in its foreign policies to bring the world into catastrophic topsy-turvy.

The invasion of Iraq is a case in point. To this day the countless innocent death and murders of innocent. Young troops sent to their death. So, is America the moral leader of the free world??

Asean will never be extraordinary in shaping the politics of SEA. China as the emerging economic power will replace US in our region. Japan will forever hang in the balance.

Middle East's conflict will cease only if US stop its one-sided policy on Israel. Palestines (Hamas) must understand that no one has the right not to let others exist. Peaceful co-existence is the only answer to middle-east's turbulent conflict.

Kavi C. Ann's wide view is her pespective of thoughts. A good article. But at the end of the day how Asean will emerge in the eyes of the World Arena, is left to the participating countries to show a clean record of governance and fair treatment of their citizens. Beyond that everything is a farce.

Asean may just be a toothless tiger, ferociously intimidating its very people but not doing more to the world at large. All the various Summits and Meetings can be just talk only. We shall see the progress in time...we are not Nostradamus. Let us not be N A T O. (No Action Talk Only).

patrick lee song juan