Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Political Martyrdom

In taking a stance for political sacrifice, any political party that is seen as deviated from the normal norm of consultative politics, will always be branded. SDP, has never recovered since the day of reckoning when CSJ took over SDP under the wrong footing. As I mentioned earlier, the truth of the matter, many a times can be distorted and propagated by MSM and PAP, hence to this day CSJ has never able to redeem himself.

SPP was formed by CST and emerged a 'hero' in the eyes of the public. Till today SPP is synonymous only with Chiam, and people like Desmond Lim had done alot all these years as ASG but was never news-worthy. Any party worth its salt should have a succession of power not a succession of nepotism, putting PAP in perspective !!

SDP's politics in S'pore's docile climate, may be seen as confrontational.
But to each his own. The decadence of PAP's sweeping policies of 'limited democracy' freedom of freedom of peaceful protest, creating an atmosphere of fear among the citizens... Is this not a curtailment of citizens' rights and freedom ?

SDP stood out in this instance of political sacrifice to peaceful demonstration, to fight for freedom, for justice but can never beat the despotic system. Hence many of SDP's members and CSJ were jailed for their true cause for the conviction of justice for the people.... but many of us see it differently and the angle of view becomes 'acute' and SDP had never recovered from politcal self-sacrifice for the true cause of the rights of S'poreans.

BUT do we really care? Because many of us are not in politics, we will never understand the real sacrifice of a true politician. But than again, if you are a PAP politician, the ride is easier with a 'high tech bandwagon'. Hence many cronies associate themselves with PAP for a well-laid-out path to fame and fortune. Hence the present bunch of punk YPAP sprouting nonsense on the net.

When we are not in the picture, as outsiders we always smoke cigars !
But to SDP, they are smoking bitter cigars force on them by the system of authoritarism. So when the cigar is fragant and sweet we will never experience the bitterness of that spike cigar.

JBJ is one person that commanded my respect... he knew the bitterness but smoked the cigar till his last breath.....SDP's sacrifice is no less in terms, compared to JBJ.

Let us view the angle of politics obtusely not acutely. Regards

patrick lee song juan