Thursday, July 1, 2010

Why Hazel Poa and Hubby should not join Reform Party

The main politics one must be steadfast and...
be able to hold your own in terms of delivery of words and actions. In this respect, Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) is totally lacking in substance. Alot of insinuation. Secondly, as a new kid on the block, a lot of humility will serves him well. He is over ostentatious.

Hazel Poa and hubby have their own free will to join any party. The fact that they chose RP, may be due to the strong 'double first' that KJ holds in his credentials. Don't forget Hazel and hubby were scholars with colourful credentials too.

In human encounter and interaction, if one possesses the angst in human understanding and sincerity in character, it doesn't matter if you are a taxi driver because your personality shines. Again this is lacking in KJ. Though I have not met KJ, but the various press conference and release of his, he is deemed a solipsist. I would like to meet him to learn from him.

S"pore Democratic Party (SDP) though under tremendous persecution by the PAP, the party and members hold unity; even was jailed for many times fighting for the right of S'poreans and along the way the compliant Court bankkrupted Dr. Chee and his sister Siok Chin to deter them from any chance of candidacy in the coming elections. Is not this party(SDP)the moral courage to fight on with all odds aganist them and never falter? In the eyes of the simple-minded citizens, they will brand SDP but gradually the light is showing at the end of the tunnel.

Worker's Party (WP), helm by LTK is established and decent in its approach to the policies of PAP. Only when Sylvia Lim was inducted into WP and fought at 2006 election in Aljunied GRC and emerged with 44% opposition support that jolted PAP into greater 'graciousness' to accept that not all minds are alike and will buy PAP's rhetorics. Sylvia Lim has the moral courage and discretion to be a great politician by her participation in questioning the PAP's policies in parliament. But the sweet voice was always drowned by 82 powerful sycophants of PAP.

I wrote a post-morten email to George Yeo on the reason why Aljunied GRC showed such results ((after the 2006 failure to PAP not gaining more support from the voters. PAP and the big 'Guns' were blinded by attacking mercilessly on James Gomez that backfired. LKY called names and no one dared to sue LKY. No used to do it. Vice versa, if the oppositions did that they will be dead duck!)) George Yeo acknowledged my email for the thoughful insight given. I still have it in my folder till today.

No party will last forever as is life's impermanence. PAP should be gracious in defeat any ttime now and not as LKY said about bring in the army. S'pore is not Burma under miltary rule and autocratic.

So, Hazal Poa and hubby due to youthful inexperience may have joined the wrong party. But to each his/her own. I wish them the best. But again when KJ said in the interview with CNA tha Hazel Poa can be the next friend Bryan Ti (was struck awed) and dropped his denture on the floor and luckily it was intact less KJ is liable for 'circumstantial' damage. Bryan Ti will not sue you because he is not LKY or LHL and his ministers.(always happy sueing!)

patrick lee song juan
(First written on Facebook,
copied to my Blog)