Thursday, July 29, 2010

The politics of Oppositions

In certain aspects of your view I concur, but the term 'heinous ideas" of CSJ may be a liitle harsh Bryan. As I said, each politician has his/her own conviction as to which direction he/she is pursuing the dream of political supremacy of self or of the party.

Certainly, selfishness on part will be the stumbing block. The weightage of true politics must be 'not what I think is right for my party but 'what is right and beneficial for the right cause of the citizens at large'. In this respect, CSJ may have fared rather poorly. the sentiments of the electorate must be taken into consideration....

S'pore being domicillary, do not want any upheaval of events hence the general population has never approved of SDP's style of politics. When I met up with CSJ in quite a few occasions, I had an 'in-dept' discussion with him as to the direction SDP should go in view of the changing political climate many of us are facing these last few years of PAP's gaffes and blunders. SDP should not be seen as overly too confrontational and 'vociferous' in their approach against PAP because most S'poreans will not buy that.

You are right to say that other oppositions are shying away from SDP.
To each its own. In so far as opposition political unity is in the doldrums, S'pore will be a far distance compared to the opposition politics of MALAYSIA.

patrick lee song juan
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