Wednesday, July 28, 2010

I give credit to Kojakbt of Facebook for opening up a can of worms on Jack Lin Xinli, a Joo Chiat CC YPAP leader.

Kojakbt: Salute you to divulge all the who's who email on FB. I am still in contact with Soo Sen when I was in the SCEC in Joo Chiat (SSCC). He is the only MP I can say holds some substance. That was the reason I helped in the grassroot in JOO Chiat and Siglap South CC (which was both under his advisership) When Soo Sen was dropped as Minister of State and Li Shiyan came in as Second Adviser to Joo Chiat CC, I emailed Soo Sen, I will not attend further meetings until PA struck me off. I left the grassroot unceremoniously.

Those years, there were quite a few high and mighty sycopants around. In fact, in any setup or organisation, there will be 'some-pain-in-the-arse-people. Never new, the younger educated YPAP jack lin thinks he is ministerial quality to utter insensitive nonsense to people. Does he think he can hide behind his butt?

Chan Soo Sen would be wrong to apologise on his behalf. Ask jack lin to issue a public statement and publish in the press for his youthful foolhardy words and apologise with the courage of a man. Show your MORAL COURAGE to do so.

patrick lee song juan

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