Sunday, November 28, 2010

Singapore Democratic Alliance (SDP) and their Brand of Politics

Alas! great minds never differ, Bryan! Personally, I never support SDP's cause of taking 'Changi Palace' their second home. Walking in and out feeling unashamed. Is parliament so difficult to enter than Changi??

If SDP wants to emulate Aung Sung Suu Kyi (ASSK)...imprisoned by the Burmese junta for no valid reason then the strategy really backfired for SDP. ASSK did nothing really against the law to be detained in house arrest. The same cannot be said of SDP.

As in all government...they will uphold the law biased towards oppositions. In the same vein, if SDP were the government and PAP provoked civil disobedience, what do you think SDP as government will do...So, all system of government are never fair! PAP will also be locked up in a change of scenario !

It been years, SDP has really never changed their political strategies on how to engage the system in the most 'civilized' manner than lock-horns with the law under the same consequences. SDP's vehemence, has brought Bryan Ti said...oppositions ostracizing them and keeping a discreet distance. True ! has any opposition ever utter a word of support for SDP's brand of 'jail politics!'

In as much as many citizens want a change of government, the truth is, the state of affairs of opposition parties varies so widely , it has become more of a liability than assistance to each other.

Are our oppositions fighting a lost cause even after 50 years of PAP rule??. We must ask ourselves what is happening to the true spirit of political 'healthy engagement' with PAP??

'Pomposity and mindless defiance never made good political fellows !!'

At this juncture of political uncertainty to the oppositions, only WP is seen and believed to be a more credible opposition in the right direction. Where do RP, NSP, SDA, PKMS, SDP and new kid on the block SL compared to ??

AS the GE is drawing nearer and PAP is definitely redrawing the boundary..The Opposition has to stay relevant on their drawing board. To counter-offer the voters with their solid platform and manifestos of change for a better S'pore.

Another 20 years may be a long journey for the oppositions to claim a stake in the politics of S'pore under the absolute iron-fist control of PAP !!

patrick lee song juan