Sunday, August 1, 2010

How LUCKY can a man be?

Bryan, your answer to Felicia Jieling on LKY being a lucky man and the perspective you give on his tumultous political career and his close shave with all the true dangers of his encounters, brings back the karma of one's life. His past or ...his ancestor must have done a lot of good.

And you forgot to mention he narrated how a Japanese soldier slapped him when walking past the soldier (during the occupation of S'pore), he forgot to bow to the soldier. If he was shot, how would you think S'pore will be today. An interesting hypotheses!

In many ways, S'pore is blessed to have a leader of his calibre (would not know how wide is the diameter of the shotgun barrel..haha).

PAP in those days (not much different in as much as now) under his swift actions, his political opponents were one by one fallen off the byline...and that was how he survived till today..a political genius (if I were to give LKY credit which I think cannot be disputed)
Politics is all about how smart you are to outdo the other...devoid of any morality of sort. It is in how fast you strike, implement and achieved..
regardless of the law of fairplay. Hence most politcians are 'faceless vertebrates".

BUT, I am talking about these 5 years of policy-making and the gaffes and blunders..that cause the average citizens to be so much marginalised that we become THIRD CLASS CITIZENS even a YOUNG PAP of YPAP can write on PAP's facebook so blatantly.

What has become the quality of members of PAP, even some Miinsters are speaking through their mind not their heart.

The surge for first world S'pore has totally breed a generation of PAP
younger Ministers without the very essence of human compassionate. love and care for the sad poor citizens and the many senior old folks.

We have our dignity eroded with the evolution of PAP's new species of high and mighty "intellectual think-tank" ministers of the modern era.

patrick lee song juan