Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Day.

VALENTINE DAY IS TODAY (14th February 2013)

Today is VALENTINE DAY! A western concept of commercial marketing of love! Can love be bought? A stalk of rose to your love one or sweetheart cost $20/- How stupid can stupid be to fall into a world of buying and selling Love.

As an oriental gentleman with western viewpoint of the world...i do not buy Valentine Day because my wife has never celebrated Valentine with me...and my Valentine pursuit one of those years was disastrous...

I ordered a bouquet of rose and had it delivered to her office...And i was given a better choice by wife..."Next time ..just give me the cash..don't waste the money...That was and is my wife! Yet we still 'exist side by side' for 38 years without much ado of extravagance.

What is love...?? I ready do not know the modern world of puppy love...illicit love and one night stand love...All that are not love but sexual love of wanting sex, nothing else!

Love is never a regret or a sorry, Love is communication and the understanding of each others strength and weakness. Love is giving space to breathe. Love is kind words of encouragement. :Love is sincerity of heart and concern. Love is sacrifice .In fact love is everything towards nothing...Love is supreme.

True love is like a half blind couple... always turning the blind eye towards each other. But using the good eye to really see.

  Today's Valentine day, my wish is that a presentable matured lady date me out for a candlelight dinner, expenses on her and I give her a one-night sit to usher in the year of the Snake...hahahaa!... Sounds SNAKY hey!

The world needs love everyday not only on Valentine DAY..

 .Happy Valentine everyone!!

patrick lee song juan