Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Lost of Family Cohesion and Togetherness.

The Lost of Family Cohesion and Togetherness.

Two more hours for the Reunion Lunar New Year dinner. But the sad truth is, nowadays with smaller families of two kids...reunion dinner will never be the same again.

Gone were the days when 3 generations of family sat at a big round table of 10 or more and happily enjoying all the home cook reunion food.

Reunion dinner to me now is only self, wife and son and his girlfriend..My daughter is married, will be having her reunion dinner at her in-law's home with my grand-daughter.

Reminiscing my parents time..we have a big family of nine siblings..Chinese New year was always a big affair. And the reunion dinner was fantastic. Full of family cohesion and harmony..My grand parents would join was a three generation affair.

I lament the passing of times and the policy of the govt..that stop short of 'murdering' the family nucleus.

  Today..with all our brothers and sisters and close relatives..we have a family tree of 60 people but each has their own family to care for and new year is never a reunion dinner time..only in visiting each other.

  When my grand old dame mother died last year at 94 We stopped or never arranged get together. This year we did not plan any congregation at our 8th sisters home...for mom is no more around...Our siblings are dissipated around S'pore. We will be visiting each other in the days of the lunar new year!

Family harmony and cohesion is important. But we now spend less time with our love ones but more time earning a living in view of the high cost of living in a PAP dominated S'pore..Everything is expensive!!

In fact, citizens have forever lost the very essence of societal togetherness as a family...It has become a a common phase...To each his or her own family, all staying apart...We are near yet that far..We have lost the communication touch of endearment.

The govt has caused so much rift among families under the circumstances of living a 'decent' life..We have lost the love of a warm and cohesive family altogether.

 We blame it on the Govt's policy of stopping at two and the stressful living in S'pore as the world's six most expensive country to live in and in Asia, S'pore is second most expensive!!

The families are forever distant even in the closeness of a little red dot!

We regret the passing of times...the societal rift of a family, the heartless pursuit of a decent living, the pressure of peers, the pseudo dignity of staying ahead at a price..

 A family life of unrealism in a S'pore of more immigrants... Come 2030...losing touch of a simple happy harmony family.

 We will be living in the midst of foreign owned S'pore! Where thou art see our very S'pore family ??
Can God give us an answer? No, it cannot but the god is in PAP!!!

patrick lee song juan