Monday, February 11, 2013

Inderjit Singh and his Political Dilemma!

INDERJIT SINGH..crushed between the devil and the deep blue sea!!

  A 'hero' in the making is Inderjit Singh..with his fiery passionate speech on the White Paper and also ticked Goh Chok Tong (GCT) on his failed PM-ship to suggest to bring S'pore to the Swiss Standard of living...What has become of S'pore NOW !! It is elitist PAP living!!!

 I was in parliament that day to witness his 'heroic' speech. But then the outcome was such a disappointment. Apart from all that...he also has an axe to grind with the govt to withhold more foreigner workers in our country. It is going to affect his own business (owning maybe a couple of SME business)

 Hence he questioned Gerald Giam (GG) on WP's stand of near zero foreigner workers but to look inwards for S'poreans...failing which to make the shortfall, only foreigners will be admitted..A good proposition by WP's GG.

Inderjit Singh is one of those boss who favour foreign workers to local. It is obvious because they are paid lower wages and need not contribute to CPF...This is a grey area the govt has to address immediately. !!

 Crushed between the devil and the deep blue sea, Inderjit has no choice, after his vociferous speech and not to be seen as an idiot with only a big mouth...he decided to abstain or vamoose himself from the House chambers before voting was conducted electronically.

In so doing, he is saved from his own conscience of dissent of the White Paper, yet need to vote on party line..He had no choice but to 'jump his own gun!

Though, he admitted he was in parliament that day and that also did justice to me when i did say Inderjit was in parliament on Friday. I did not see through the voting and left early!

 Nevertheless, Inderjit showed resources of himself to opt out whatever way from voting. That make many PAP MPs who spoke 'somewhat' against the White Paper looked moronic against their conscience..viz,' two MPs Liliy neo and Denise Phua, which I always have high esteem of them...Other MPs and ministers, I reserved my comment..Not worth my breath....

 With this fiasco of the White Paper and the rules governed PAP MPs or for that matter opposition is a foregone conclusion of the White Paper. And why was it necessary even to debate and vote on it...Is it not an anti-climax of wasting tax-payers money??

 The only reason is to be seen the minsters and MPs are working with such exorbitant paycheck!!

  If the White Paper was released without consultation and feedback of the public..and PAP is adamant to push it through, why need the debate.??

.PAP as the authoritarian and autocratic govt is only putting on a stage show not even near the qualities of a Shakespearean play...Is it not a wayang show!???

Let us call for a National Referundum on this important White Paper affecting all citizens well-being and lives. We citizens must support NSP on calling for the Referundum..

In conclusion, Inderjut Singh is just a digit in the more sinister agenda of PAP wanting a vision of 2030 (now retracted) version of a 'projection' population of 6.9 magical million.

PAP will be had come this GE of 2016....Citizens will never forgive this 'Hong Bao' PAP presented to us S'preans two days before the Lunar New Year..

  The repercussion will be long lasting and whatever LHL said about learning from the fiasco of the White Paper is his mere foolish afterthought...

Indejit Singh, you are still a hero in many's eyes..because you just can't vote vote with a SLAP on LHL face by not voting....or absented? ...or abstained?...You and only you know your mind's searching thoughts!!

 I for one, excuse you, whatever your intention. You do have some guts as a man, whatever!

patrick lee song juan