Friday, February 8, 2013

The Snake year 2013 is PAP's Nemesis

The Snake is over-taking the Dragon in 2013...The PAP's nemesis

Generally, the snake is viewed as a fearful creature, poisonous. Sometimes we used the are a snake! or do not snake around!...Serpents was a symbol of creation in the garden of Eden..If Adam had not eaten the forbidden apple but ate the snake...The course of humanity will have a different chapter to write...Only if Adam was Chinese. He would have stewed snake soup for Eve.

The Dragon year 2012 was a good year in our political history of the opposition..WP won two by-elections. The omen is written loud and clear, PAP is on the declining gradient of their hegemony. The biggest blow was Punggol East SMC, their tuft, yet taken over by WP! Emotions..sentiments...wrath..anger..hatred of PAP!

Even before the dust had settled, PAP released the White Paper to the discontentment of the citizens...Why did the PAP did that. In a political analyst's view, was the worst timing it put itself into, on the chopping block. Literally PAP knocked their dicks on the own head!!

The motion was passed in a week for a planning to be had for 18 years...The emotional dilemma of the citizens reacted in disbelief and wrath...This will have a bearing come 2016 GE.

Instead of re-inventing and solving the present infrastructure deficiency of a 5.31 million population, PAP's vision was too far-sighted and far-fetched to plan for the future of 6.9 million. More and more foreigners to encroach our motherland! Do we have even a breathing space to call our own??

Many citizens believe it will not work..Giving incentive for the boosting of the TFR, is another area of failure...Can a govt after 30 years of wanting a good birthrate do it now with so much external factors to consider.??..Expensive housing, COL, childcare centres, cost of child upbringing in the long run..Govt needs to do more than the cash incentive..Many couples have resigned to their fate brought about by the PAP govt.

 A policy plan for 18 years and rapidly rushed through parliament to debate and endorsed in five days, is never a good Bill. LHL knew it too well in his final plenty of concession of review and what not. The damage had been inflicted. PAP will never be the same again in those heydays of power and dominance. LHL is a weak PM assisted by even weaker pierrots like Teo Chee Hean and his young team of so-called scholars! Totally devoid of the touch on 'ground zero'.....

The motion was opposed by 13 members in parliament. 7 opposition MPs and and 3 NCMPs with 3 NMPs opposed too. It is another tight slap on LHL cheek to wake him up.
 But then he had never been awaken since they lost Aljunied GRC in GE 2011..A sorry by him is an emotional utterance not a heartfelt sincerity of remorse!

Tomorrow is Lunar Snake New Year...and LHL knows the snake is a slippery and poisonous creature...He needs to be more aware of his direction from now on in dealing with the opposition and the citizens in general...

PAP is on the slippery road down. No matter how snakey PAP and LHL is...they know they can never counter the emotional mights of the citizens' sentiments of dismay and disgust at their bulldozing their policies down the citizens throat..

PAP may win in the House but they will lose in the Open!!

PAP will pay the price in GE 2016...

Let us for one moment forget that PAP has caused the citizens so much hardship and balancing our lives on a tightrope...White paper or toilet paper...??

We citizens look forward for tomorrow to enjoy the advent of the snake new year where the venom from it fangs will be pointing at PAP....And it takes only one bite to be fatal for PAP..It will be the bite of the citizens VOTES...

 Happy Lunar New Year  2013 of the Snake to All...CONG XI FA CAI...

patrick lee song juan