Friday, February 8, 2013

When PAP sends in the Bulldozers

When PAP sends in the bulldozers !

From the onset, when parliament is opened for debate on the white paper, many have their doubts of a fair debate and true delivery however passionate.

Look at MPs like Dennis Phua, Inderjit Singh and Lily Neo and many others..false charlatans representing their constituents which voted them in but screwed their opportunity to vote with their heart but with their inclination to their master PAP!

  What sham and fiasco??..hearing for 4 days out of 5, (in reflection I did not believe I even attended parliament to hear all the cesspool talk) each PAP MP spoke with their internal spleens but vomited their deceptive saliva of betrayal on the citizens...How can we trust the PAP MPs?....And I just wonder if the party whip is lifted, how many will vote against the motion....

 Nonetheless, S'poreans are lucky we had 7 opposition MPs to voice discontent. And delivering fiery speech from the heart without the least farce as compared to the PAP MPs full of passionate shit but little substance!!

 The false awakening arrived when the House was opened for voting and it was  almost a clean sweep . What if there is no opposition 7 MPs and 3 NCMPs to oppose the motion and 3 NMPs too voted against?.. In all 13 voted against and one abstained.

When parliament passed the motion on the white 'toilet' paper today...I suddenly feel the urgency to use the toilet paper to head to the loo to pass motion....That is how the motion is passed..Full of shit !!

 The Shakespearean show ended with little fanfare....Only in the midst of the act did the fanfare became so dramatic by the PAP MPs...But when the time to vote all suffered withdrawal symptoms and failed in their morality of their heart. In so doing they betrayed the citizens who voted them in as MPs...

Come 2016...a new tsunami will arise with the human tidal wave of emotional dissent and sentimental disconsolation..that will be the time LHL knows it is too late to say sorry and no time for re-invention and trans-reformation !

  Citizens will never forget this day of 8th Feb 2013..two days before Lunar New Year and the devastation of the bulldozed motion...

We are just helpless as though invalids...but we must put aside the disappointment to rejoice in the festive mood of the Lunar New Year...though somewhat dampened !!


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