Saturday, February 9, 2013

Is PAP the Messiah of S'pore and S'poreans ??

Is PAP God to predict the destiny of S'pore and S'poreans??

The big bang ended with a bigger bang for PAP...They may triumph on the endorsement of the White Paper by many invertebrate cronies of PAP ministers and MPs but yes! they won in the House but when the opportune time comes around, they will have to lose in the OPEN. And the will of the citizens will be the deciding factor come GE 2016.

Why is PAP the clairvoyant of S'pore and S'poreans? Let us look at the first grave mistake that PAP's LKY made when the stop at two policy was implemented then. We are faced with the grim prospect of a near zero baby reproduction now...PAP's reason then might be right at the time but if the planners can look forward ahead in 30 years, the stop at two policy will not be too rigidly bulldozed with penalties on families having the third child or more!

 Now we are faced with the prospect of a low chlid-birthrate which cannot replace the aging population. Whose fault now? And without much ado...PAP is now planning ahead to replace our citizens population with the White Paper on population growth TILL 2030. ARE THEY TOO FAR-SIGHTED TO BECOME SHORT-SIGHTED?? Blaming aging population, couples not marrying and hence no babies as the inexcusable excuses !

Is it not the failure of PAP in its last 15 years of government that brought about so much failures and distress to the citizens yet stashing themselves with their so called economic growth..Who benefited more?? Is it not the S'pore Incoporation of PAP!!!

PAP is playing God again...Now, they can look forward 18 years, never fearing they are making a grave mistake of their lives again..This time by influx-ing S'pore with immigrants come 2030 to the tune of 6.9 million..After much hoo-haa and emotional wrath of the masses, PAP softened their stand as a 'projection' and said it may not be 6.9 million They use scare tactics of economic slowdown and SME's closing shop and all their self-perceived rhetorics...They sounded so 'morbid.' Is that really frightening us??

Had not PAP learned their lessons all this while..yet their might and arrogant see them as the 'Master of the Seas!!'...Without doubt, they made the greatest error of their ruling life by bulldozing through a Bill that took only 5 days to debate but 18 years to process in time and time is so unpredictable!!

Is anyone the wiser to see the future of S'pore through PAP's so called projection and their myopic vision?? LHL had admitted their less than 20/20 vision!

 The citizens are left flabbergasted...The only saving grace is the 7 opposition MPs with 3 NCMPs and 3 NMPs who voted against the motion. 13 'no' to 77 'aye'...

So, it looks like S'pore and S'poreans are being placed in PAP's destiny...even in their prediction...which will lead citizens to perdition!!

Let us embrace our national identity and our societal integrity to persevere OUR TRUE S'PORE CORE not the core that PAP is talking about to open more leeway to more immigrants to form a 'rojak' S'pore core..

Is PAP god to predict the destiny of S'pore and S'poreans??

Please deliberate on this issue.....

patrick lee song juan