Friday, February 15, 2013

Harry and Pinky

Harry and Pinky

S'pore is today is not anybody's guess
LKY has a hand to play
Without the old guards of yore
 S'pore can never reach its goal.

Without LKY, we may be far from here
Five decades of transformation
S'pore arrived at the fore
A First S'pore is its core.

But the rapid influx of foreigners
See our S'pore's life suffered forever more
It is the son that lost the foresight
Yet he still thinks he is right.

Our founding father has nothing to say
Towards the White Paper fiasco
Has LKY still has his ways
Our country may never sway.

Harry had done much to his credit
Pinky with his arrogance is a discredit
Father is old to say anymore
S'pore is gradually been sold.

Vision 2030 is hard to fathom
Why is the White Paper even written
To the consternation of so many
Pinky's regret and have to say sorry !