Monday, February 18, 2013

The Road Towards 2016...


 It is just 3 years away. Is the road towards 2016 is going to be an uphill one for opposition building an inroad into the political hegemony of PAP's dominance?

In my assessment of the political scenario within the next three 3 years, it is a an even gradient road to be explored stealthly by the opposition. But the tide of change will make PAP climbing the gradient to hold on precariously to their power!

With the ground favoring the opposition now after the fall of Punggol East to WP and the ill-released of the White Paper, never have S'pore seen the might of the masses to vote out another PAP ward!!

So, the oppositon has to capitalize on the flowing momentum of emotions and work their ground more thoroughly to gain presence and confidence of the voters.

Notwithstanding WP's inroad of 7 MPs and two NCMPs in parliament, SDP is also rebuilding their party into a new force to reckon. SDP's alternative Paper on Immigration and Population is a welcome sign that they are one knot above WP in terms of policy-making abilities. And there is no lack of qualified personnel in SDP now.

Chee Soon Juan's withdrawal of SDP from the fray of 5 corner of Punggol East contest was a welcome brilliant move to add more credibility to their party of cool-thinking as compared to RP and SDA.

Never a time is the appropriate time to consolidate one's party resources and make one's presence felt...Engaging with the citizens of the ward is a must for vote canvassing and the end result of winning.

In this respect, NSP is not doing badly with every Sunday visiting residents of the respective wards to gain rapport and familiarity of the ground.

By far, these are the only three parties worth their salt to be able to counter PAP come 2016...Other opposition parties got to work the grounds harder than hard.

RP after such embarrassing lost in Punggol East and by no other than its secretary-general, will never be able to redeem any glory left by JBJ's legacy. KJ is been fcuked by self-conceitedness and egoistic defiance!

SDA, better pack up and its SG be a good family man than mettle with politics anymore...Has not the message written loud and clear across the horizon for Desmond Lim to retreat graciously.

I will not mention the other opposition parties that has yet to even build up their party membership..Where thou art want to begin?? SPP is facing the baptism of fire by its SG Chiam See Tong and had lost their glory into mediocrity!

Nonetheless, the incumbent PAP will be putting on a tougher show of arrogance and try to re-invent their losing popularity to win back the voters.. Theirs will surely be the uphill task, not the opposition who will be riding on a changing sentiments of the voters..Many would have had enough of PAP's false promises and wild projections made worst by their 'half-boiled' ministers' rhetorics !!

2016 will be an important year in the politics of change for a more healthier participation in parliament by the opposition. At the very least 3 more GRCs will be fallen to oppositions (it could be more)...It is up to them to prove their worth by capturing it! Also, 3 or more SMC will be won by opposition too...It is up to the opposition to capitalize on the moment and establish their standing...

 PAP will be had but will still be the majority govt. We will live to see that day of awakening in opposition political victory ! And it will be another milestone surge of the opposition titans....

patrick lee song juan