Friday, February 22, 2013

PAP should 'speak only if you can perfect on your Silence?e

Why must we speak only if we can perfect on our silence?....The most disastrous of the govt spoken/written White Paper was such a letdown to the citizens without proper perfecting on their silence...meaning, no brainstorming of issues internally before releasing the Paper..nor any national conversation or  feedback!

In a world of human idiosyncrasies and failures, spoken words or for that matter written text reflect alot on an individual or a party...PAP has turned the barrel on their own brains..And to know that the White Paper was prepared by a 32 year old inexperienced (in a group) so-called Director of Population planning...She can smell my Hong Kong foot!!

Such an important issue of National policies can be ruined in the hands of a few so called scholarly idiots..And who are responsible for such setback and PM LHL, he has to bear the full responsibility!!

The repercussions of emotional dissent and sentiments spread across S'pore and it culminated with a so-called 'protest' at Hong Lim Park organized by an opportunist guy capitalizing on the moment's fame..

'SPEAK ONLY IF YOU CAN PERFECT ON YOUR SILENCE !' a simple sentence but a tough call to follow through..How many PAP ministers have spoken foul of themselves, only to regret and try to reverse the situation by U-turning their dafts and bloppers. And Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) has to admit his lack of 20/20 vision even he had not spoken at all...but by the 42 page White Papers destiny on the whole of S'pore.

Human has a tendency to defend their mistakes by offering 'alternate excuses' or defiantly denied a wrong doing...By the way the debate of the 5 days in parliament, many S'poreans have a taste of the very truth of falsehood of many respectable minsters even ex-Senior minister Goh Chok Tong to defend a lost cause...of the White Paper

It is a sad revelation of the state of politics and policies of the ruling govt....For 5 days to transform S'pore beyond 18 years..We are all short-changed and we are utterly disappointed and disillusioned by our PAP govt of 52 years....the good they done then cannot redeem their selling Spore to the foreigners !!

Citizens will not stay silent but to speak their mind...But the greatest suppressed silence is the silent VOTE of change.  And PAP will be in for a good beating come 2016 to lose more GRCs and also SMCs...

So, can we even trust the govt now to speak if they can perfect on their silence??..For the govt already is so dumb not to feel the ground emotion to utter their rhetorics of  doom...A sign of they not perfecting on their silence!.

The White Paper is their nemesis and Achilles heed to be so outrageously reveal to the whole S'pore!
PAP had killed their golden goose !!

patrick lee song juan