Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Summary of Parliamentary debate on the White Paper (5.1.2013)

Parliament ended at 7.15 pm today...Interesting debate...I heard Amy Khor, some PAP MPs which I do not want to know their names then Grace Fu, Chen Show Mao, Lily Neo, Inderjit Singh, Gerald Giam and Lina Chiam..Lui Ah Tuck..spoke.

  Each got their say mainly supporting the motion....only Lily Neo and Inderjit Singh 'abstain' their support. if the whip is lifted they would have vote against !!

Lily Neo was passionate on the elderly being left out, on community living and proposed an Elderly Needy and Medical Fund to assist the poor elderly.

 Amy Khor spoke on the S'pore Core...I was wandering is it Hardcore pornography!!

Chen Show Mao spoke on the older workforce and how employers are not willing to employ seniors...Obvious He opposed the motion. He overshot his time allowed.

 Grace Fu talked cock and sing song with graphic of family graphs and how young generation needed to support older senior...She obviously after her long rhetorics support the motion...In fact, I slept intermittently with her boring speech, also in mandarin. She spoke for almost 45 minutes...roughly...

 Gerald Giam delivered a good speech on how to sustain a population for a dynamic S'pore...He pointed out a false dilemma of PAP toilet paper. He was rebutted fiercely by Iswaran and Tan Chuan-jin..

Inderjit Singh screwed up the policy of the govt white paper..pointing out the flaw and took a potshot at GCT which just walked out during his speech..on the oversight of population even during GCT's time..Inderjet did warn about the problem the govt would face..He is less partisan..Kudos!

 Speaker Halimah by then went off and replaced by Deputy Speaker Seah Kian Peng taking the Speaker chair and Lina Chiam (NCMP) still addressed him as Mdm Speaker, but was quick to apologise saying she did not know Mdm Halimah was replaced...Everyone laughed in the house! So Seah Kian Peng for a moment became a she!

 Now the tagline is S'porean Core by Amy Khor and I really do not know what the hell it is???....I really wonder is it a hardcore or what of the White toilet paper...?

 But the best was Sylvia Lim's tagline (during her speech yesterday..Today she did not speak).... of a sustainable Spore for a dynamic population ..not PAP's sustainable population for a dynamic S'pore...

 So, in fact there is nothing to debate on with the minority voices of opposition...In the end...the motion will be passed ..whether S'poreans like it or not!!

That is not a S'prean Core but hardcore PAP!!

patrick lee song juan