Tuesday, February 12, 2013

PAP faulted themselves on the.White Paper.

When a government formulates an important policy like the White Paper, many would believe it had gone through the 'baptism of fire' in their own deliberation before released! Furthermore, LHL's advisers and policy makers are no ordinary people! But when the White Paper was released to the consternation of the public..It caused a calamity. It is such a controversial White Paper which is really fitted for the toilet!

Every aspect of the Paper was on economic growth...on replacing the population,on business greatly affected by the curtailment of workers for SMEs..And MND Khaw got the audacity of saying it would be disastrous if his 200,000 flats cannot be built because of no construction workers...Why must we need to rush ahead with the projection (which the govt changed its tune after the general public and on-line adverse comments on their short foresight and putting the cart before the horse.

Living a life is a cause and effect....if we do not have a huge influx, do we need the infrastructural change and demand to keep up with that sudden transformation? And why is PAP so keen to bring in so many foreigners by their so-called projection of 6.9 million in 2030?..And subsequently swallowed their words and said it might not be 6.9 million..We have 5.31 million people in S'pore now..We have eyes to see the failure of PAP in this present situation. And yet talking about 6.9 m towards 2030???

Have the govt seriously think and reflect on the seriousness of the implication White Paper?? How can PAP with scholars and intellectuals failed to see their impending problem even now ..not 18 years later..In 18 years time..can we really predict anything at this rate of PAP's folly and bloppers??

Another excuse of replacing the old aging population...By then even the young foreigners will grow old..So who is to replace them?..Are we not adding to the demographic problems ?

The birth rate issue is another failing of the govt...unable to give full and unreserved support for young couples in a stressful and expensive country like S'pore with wages stagnated! Million dollar ministers will never understand the ordinary citizens woes and pains...What is $5000 to a minister ??

Foreigners are foreigners. They do not have a national identity even if they were to become citizens..It needs a long process of social integration to call S'pore home..Our forefathers achieved it the hard way. But the new influx of foreigners are bent on one motive of making good money and buying our properties to resell it when the time is right and bundled themselves and money back to their homeland and live happily ever after...Permanent citizens are the suspected lot of new citizens causing the escalation of the the property market..S'poreans are sandwiched to the brim of a sardine can!

The question to ask on the white paper of PAP. Is it not a rush job to satisfy their own agenda of converting foreigners to citizens so as to have a loyal following of new citizens voting for them to perpetuate their declining trust by the true blue S'poreans???

PAP has made a wrong tactical move and checkmate themselves with the moronic White paper. It is a repercussion that will never be forgotten till 2016 and beyond. PAP is tantamount to selling our country to foreigners!! The emotional anger and wrath is registered deep in citizens heart to know that PAP had served their useful rule and it is time for an urgent change of govt of a two party system with PAP as the minority party by then.

In wanting to propagate their hegemony, PAP nailed their own coffin even earlier than we believed!

S'preans need MPs who can empathise and love the people not high and might professional A$$holes who only can examine their own intestines (oophs I mean interests).. :)

The serious implication of the White Paper is their impending decline and fall due to the bulldozing of their implementation without the slightest compassion, empathy, altrusim and love of the true blue S'poreans.

Can we imagine a population of 7 million in a little red dot.....even a pierrot cannot !!

Seeing PAP lost Punggol East is a clear indication of the tide of change.

patrick lee song juan