Sunday, February 10, 2013

Lunar New Year &The White Paper.

The silent night
The festive hovering out of sight
Tomorrow is another day
Visiting relatives and close friends.

That is our Lunar New Year culture
In time to come is over ridden
By the White paper come 2030
The festive will have no joy.

Citizens entrenched in our own world
Made unacceptable to dwell
Immigrants become the owner of our life
Forever we lose our paradise.

PAP far-fetched vision of six point nine
Come 2030 be worst than high
 S'porean are destined to die
 In our motherland turned foreign nigh.

 Is PAP's policy a fate of  life
 How can we be robbed of liberty
 Living in a country of misery
All because PAP nailed our destiny!!

 copyright...leesjuanpat (patrick lee song juan)