Saturday, February 2, 2013

The White Paper Farce !!

Are some of the ministers fcuking themselves up on the White Paper??

Vivian Balalanlan had been quiet for sometime and it is smart of him to do so...else he will fcuk up himself again. Now he is harping his master's tone on the White Paper..

 What planning ahead is he talking about? Look at the 5.3 million people?..Did the govt plan for a better transport, housing, etc?...We saw what happened..daily overcrowding..housing price rocketed sky-high, (suppressing the supply and the price went up!)..The govt's agenda..Full load on buses and MRT means more money for the govt, for Temasek Holdings the major shareholder...

 As environment and resource minister, Vivian is talking about adequate water supply and his reverse osmosis...and water re-cycling...Talk is easy and cheap...All ministers can talk cock...Vivian is no different !! We may have to drink pee water come 2030!

Health minister weighed in about restructuring hospitals to prepare for the aging population! Look here , if we do not have the 7 million, everything will come and go naturally. Human are good at trouble trouble without the broad perspective of a good solution. Always talk first. And as minister, Gan (hope he is not a son of a gun), always wants to talk down on citizens about their far-fetched plans. Let us look at the 5.3 million population now, and addition of two new hospitals, how adequate is the medical service to the public??

And hospitals (even govt supposedly owned) are all commercial entities with their bottom-line of making money out of the public. And poor, destitute old folks are all at the receiving end!!

May I ask, if the vision is there why are we citizens faced with all these setbacks of a 5.3 million population.??..And now a projection of 7m for year 2030..and the $8/- man  (Khaw Boon Wan U-turned and said it is a worst case scenario...trying to calm our nerves somewhat...And all at once said more houses will be build in the near future to contain the surge and more land released...Why only full of flatulence now?

Was it a sinister agenda to suppress the supply and in so doing housing prices keep on escalating!
It is already happening now....and to think of 7m to come...Do you know what you are talking Mr Cow (Khaw)??

 Now what is wrong with these elitist ministers?...One said something, the other contradict its outcome...Get real please!! We definitely do not want a population even reaching 6 million..looking at the present dire situation of 5.3 million !!

 The govt is helpless..even Lee Hsien Loong (LHL) said their oversight of not having a 20/20 vision... yet stopped short of admitting they have made the mistakes...of too fast an influx and the infrastructure cannot keep pace with the increase...

PAP had fucked themselves up to the core!!!.....

patrick lee song juan