Friday, November 26, 2010

The Bing, the Bong and the 'Banned!' on Facebook

The rebuttal between Goh Meng Seng(GMS), Wilson, Roger and Bryan about the bing, the bong and the 'banned' on Facebook(FB)?..Has someone banned me on that?? Normally it will come into my email to alert me..Hence only now then I scrolled upwards to read the 'interesting emotional ' outburst of each and everyone.

Let me give my take on the 'ban and delete' thingie..If we have our 'solid genitals' with us as men, no one should ban or delete a written article can we always hear the good things in life? FB is a portal for strong ideas and argument not a fairytale site for 3 year-old. So if we are to be engaged on Facebook(FB) we must accept every coming.

What individuals can do...if you do not like a person and his writings especially when it bore no relevance to the truth or just 'rojak talk', you can erase his friendship on FB but never delete his comments...Everywhere there is trash..if not National Environment Agency (NEA) will not be sending huge trucks to collect tons of them! That goes with human beings too!!

As long as a person(party) writes with conviction and intellectuality and not 'slip-sloping' himself he will be deemed credible. False accusation and mindless rhetorics is a no-win situation. It only reflects the 'inadeptness' of a person and also will reflect on his character.

At best, we are enlarging our very opinion for everyone to read and understand the connotations and facts not lies and follies on FB! At worst, you are just a charlatan !!

Just stay magnanimous if we can. If we even fail in just a simple act gesture of acceptance in argument on FB..can we really lead a government if the real time comes??..Don't you think this is even a very higher order...when so much brickbats and complaints keep coming in. We will just fail ourselves in totality !! Regards

patrick lee song juan