Sunday, November 14, 2010

"Hard-hitting" Criticism if it is True, will make for healthy Reflection

My 'ding dong' Wilson, though you are young, By your writing, if people can see the constructive criticism in your message they would have benefitted plenty. But due to pride and 'pseudo-greatness', thinking they are somebody but in fact in mediocrity and try to project as though they are spokeman and had been with the party for long.
It really leave much to be desired.

A character is a character. When you do NOT see even a little good point in a person's writing and try to be a smart aleck and truely without substance, it makes a world of different to engage the right person in intellectual opinion than wasting time.

I differentiate people like you, Khalis, Kang Rui and even Kevin Teo though young they have the real substance to make it good. People who show no analytical mind but want to be a solipsist is a no-no.

The road is a long journey into the unknown. We humble ourselves to the world of greater knowledge and and higher value. And when there is no value in a product or even in a being, we just ignore and trash it!

Hey! my ding dong pussy....reflect leh...not be too 'hard-hittng', a word I learned from (though it is a misnomer for people to say in the context of my note). Please show respect to JBJ and as I learned again about 'hatred' (tsk, tsk, tsk) and 'let go,' please see into the good of RP for the common cause of rooting PAP from their comfort fortress and give gallant Irene Ho some breathing space lah!

In all honesty, in so far as I do not see eye-to-eye with KJ, especially his 'storm-raiding' of an alliance on SDA (SPP) with the 11 points and the rest became the laughing stock of PAP...intra-party 'bickering and dislocation'.

But Irene Ho is really dedicated to her cause of fighting for the common good of S'poreans..Her effort on many write-ups on FB is testimony of her defiance to her cause...This we must appreciate
not like others who do not even have an iota of substance but using big foreign long words to impress..hahaaha!

When people are really putting in an Wilson, give them a break. Yes! everyone want to impress (who doesn't, that including me!) but people should know themselves if they really can or not...not riding on other's 'automatic gear'. And how one's past also can catch up with oneself...Never be too arrogant on other's borrowing.

Hey! Mr Sumo (DDP)..haha!..Ok right! better than what I used to call you, ahem!...thanks for that night meeting up with me and had a good jolly time with you on my Milo kosong and you driving me home.

When is our next tea-chat with Bryan...Yar hor! why is Bryan so quiet...must have been shut off by 'kidnappers' who are out to skin him dead or alive...I better check with the ISD ! LOL !

patrick lee song juan.