Monday, November 1, 2010

Still a Tall Order to Engage in the Politics of PAP ?

HAHAHAAH!!! are you serious talking about students, Irene Ho?? I thought we
are in a more mature business of talking about 'life and death', 'an empty or a full stomach', of the 'rich elites and the poor miserables'...the suffering citizens in our midst??

So nice of you Irene to tag your article to me...The political culture of S'pore is so dismal. Our oppositions are all poor 'church mice'. PAP has capitalised on many of our weaknesses to strategize to their advantage.

It never helped that many pseudo 'selfish & self-centred' opposition personels will eternally sit and hoard the highest chair..with
elephant glue at their bottom. Power everywhere, no different in opposition camp!

Succession plan is in inertia. Singapore Peoples' Party(SPP) is a case in point. Chiam See Tong's (CST) 'swam song' by bringing in a mature goose will not help. This will be CST last and most unforgettable sad exit of his political long endurance of "self nobody but self"! Where are all his good stalwarts??

This election may be a watershed. But the oppositions are not capitalising on its significance. PAP now has many sleepless nights to try all their rhetorics to try to win back more votes. They know very well what they have done to the citizens! their draconic policies of forever transforming the demographic landscape of S'pore into a foreign setting...Only on this point...majority of citizens will not buy into their lies and more lies.

We are counting the moments of moments...and PAP will unfold some 'invertebrate new candidates' of scholastic 'big-hole' calibre but empty in their EQ !! Always easy to ride the smooth surf and just as easy jumping on the bandwagon !

We know how tough it is to recruit quality candidates for the opposition.
Hence I salute all those true vertebrates who without fear join the opposition to fight this coming battle of all 'grandfather's (MM LKY) battle. PAP will lose two GRC and maybe 3 SMC (not including the current two SMC).

In the true spirit of 'wacking' the PAP..I hope Lina Chiam can retain PP for CST. May be a little up the gradient....Sitoh is now dancing with the wolves!!...all for waiting to take over Potong Pasir...Take heed Lina Chiam..your days of reckoning is to be unveiled in this coming election.

We all wish you every success!!

We will never able to shake all the rotten apples from the PAP's tree; in the same vein, in the oppositions...Another 10 years ..maybe 15 years...then most "eyes will be wide shut" !! We all will pray for our children and children's children well-being in a foreign land Singapore!! Heaven forbids.

patrick lee song juan

(copy and paste from my comment to
Irene Ho of RP, calling all S'poreans
to do our part for Singapore!)