Thursday, November 4, 2010

Chiam See Tong an Opposition icon falling out of grace

SPP's Chiam See Tong (CST) has nailed his own coffin..when with sweeping power removed Desmond Lim (DL) from the CEC and stripped him of his ASG. That the cyclic effect of kamma represented itself with instantaneous results.

DL has played along well in this 'charade' and Chiam See Tong (CST) an old horse gasping for breath breathed in the wrong air of Reform Party (RP). And that led him to his ostracism from SDA now. Or more appropriately..CST ostracised his own party SPP.

Now, there is no option left but to fall back on RP. With this RP scenario...though RP is still willing to accept CST's SPP..the bargaining chips are stacked high on RP's table. CST will be at RP's becks and calls. It is a real sad happening to a once great 'single-authoritarian-power-hungry-politician' to fall from grace of his own doing. The day he kicked DL out was the day of his reckoning and ill-judgment. Nepotism is a bond without denying in all political hegemony. But the sad truth is even in the propagation of his political continuation, he is totally blind by the' law of loyalty' to the law of 'holy matrimony' which in this instant..the matrimony asset should well be kept at home to be a homemaker in Lina Chiam.

CST does not have many choices left. And the best of the worst, is to co-opt into RP and hopefully everything will rest in peace literally not in the death sense.

Whatever has been covered by Bryan Ti is a frank scenario of what SPP and CST can do..Beyond that, it will be left to KJ's magnanimity to accept him in to RP. CST's worth is devalued. The worst can ever happen will be at this juncture of political exigency of more 'unity of oppositions' to stand united as a cohesive force against PAP...CST has just nailed his own coffin and doing so, has also caused an 'after-shock' to other oppositions. It will definitely be bad in the eyes of the electorate.

Desmond Lim is having his last laugh...and ever so loud that he may be carried away to early too soon. As a friend of DL my advice is, when someone has fallen whether because of you or because of his own doing...reach out with your willing hand and do not let him hit the dust !!

A sad legacy of a once great but self-centred man falling into his own world of political death through his own handling of many things against his 'conscience'.

Conscience cannot be seen or weigh but will always be a part of many a politician's success or failure... If he betrays his own into a world of egoistic' solipsism against the smooth flow of cosmic exuberance.

CST is now a lost soul and emasculated by the force of 'cause and effect'.....

I am saddened.

patrick lee song juan