Tuesday, November 9, 2010


THEOCRACY... it is a society ruled by priests who think they are Gods"..(that is The Vatican)...really a technical word as explain in Webster's.

The high and mighty leaders of the world are all..mainly...self-serving intellectual people out to control and to a lesser degree bring about changes to their people but along the way, their policies may kill and even annihilate others or their own kind or extermination of humankind!!

In as much as, as DDP wilson and balaji's in-dept opinion of the various methods of rule of each individual it China, Russia, Germany, thing is common in the very nature of humankind, the power to exert authority !

Look not far away...just our very own S' it not an authoritarian, totalitarian state now under one mighty control of a supposedly great legend of our times. But within the last five years, you just tell me, what is happening to S'pore?..its citizens? and the high and mighty ministars enjoying moments of 'who cares what happen to you citizens' lives" but themselves living in their own elite world of exclusivity.

So...what is the point of arguing history that have always failed us?...Did we learn anything from the holocaust?..Just see the middle-east and America's involvement?? From even the two world wars?....from the Vietnam war...from the very recent American's dastardly conquering Iraq...from the Dalai Lama..professing to be a great spiritual leader but with an agenda of be the supreme 'commander' of Tibet. Do I not see into his inner self? Let his supposedly 'Holy Highness' see into his conscience...Is China really ill-treating Tibetans on the whole compared to the regime of Military junta of Burma?

Let us view the world arena of politics in its true essence. And look at ASEAN...unity of 10 it not a shame for one of its member country who blatantly 'fraud' their own citizens with its sham election that was nothing more than a 'wayang'(stage) show. Apart from Philippines who strongly issued a statement on the sham of the election....Minister George yeo of S'pore said that Burma's election is better than no election..words from a foreign minister of S'pore...I really must 'salute' him...for earning millions tax payers' salary to say 'masak-masak'. Asean has lost its credibility in its formation as a regional unity with its 'blindfolded' view..meaning no conscious view and morally a coward entity...As you do not like what I say...Asean is a toothless tiger!!

I am here not to argue any points brought forth by wilson or balaji...both have their strong say. What is right? what is wrong?... is just a demarcation of a thin the demilitarised zone of the two Koreas....without due caution can explore into another war..We do not need that on Facebook to argue till "the running dogs go home to their ivory towers". We are here to share wisdom of thoughts and awareness of happenings. For happenings will always be the concomitant factor of our world, our life...We live to see the unfolding of life's 'light and darkness'.

We live to be spectators of a 'football game' seeing '20 fools' running up and down and having the best of life and money, just having fun kicking the ball even our ministers are thinking their salaries are 'peanuts'..... there an end to comparison of life's idiosyncrasies! Regards.

patrick lee song juan