Thursday, November 4, 2010

Pull no punch...Speak your Mind. Either way people will screw You deep!

Each has his says. Opinions are far ranging...Sincere and truthful thoughts and frank deliberation are better than 'charlatans'..using God's name to fleece and 'con' you for your spiritual being and you will be going to heaven...hahaah! There are many such characters in our midst. All the sycophants of our modern age !! Always the sweet nothings!

My ding dong pussy Wilson ..I like your 'hold no punch ways' and as you said if there are no people like Bryan my LPY around than many shallow minded 'simpleton' will be in for a deep penetration until they really felt they are been screwed inside out..We do not need to be caught unaware...right!

For the last 5 years...many of us are been screwed deep and 'happy' by is it any mistake now to scrutinize the right characters into parliament to represent us rather that presenting a false facade of godliness!

Yes! at present Sylvia Lim stood up among many sore thumbs...Earlier years Steve Chia was impressive as a NCMP. And Soon Juan's intellectual self has really gone beyond the politics of S'pore...which is not so applicable in S'pore's political culture....I can say that because ..myself have attended many of Soon Juan's gathering to understand him as a person.....

PAP and MSM had an agenda on him all along. In fact SDP has spreaded out their wings further and I can see a few intelligent youth wing personnel in SDP. The court should discharge Soon Juan and Siok Chin of bankruptcy and let them contest in this coming election...I believe they will make it good into Parliament !!!

We are all armchair critics, but even so we must possess some intellectual brilliants to argue our points across. Failing which... silence will not make a fool out of you, if you don't say anything.

A saying goes ...'You are entitled to be stupid but please do not abuse the privilege'...LMAO...hahahaah!

patrick lee song juan