Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Political Flim-Flams, Dinghies and Paddling Pool

Bryan Ti's perspective of view comes at a time of political 'hara-kiri' of the oppositions especially Singapore People's Party(SPP) . Chiam See Tong (CST) committed that act but he is still alive. Bryan's article on the above prompted me to add my personal perspective on the general scenario on our political opposition front.

I fully concur with Bryan's argument on SDP. Without Dr Chee Soon Juan (CSJ), SDP may not be today for being famous for the right or for the wrong reason. The infamy of SDP is, many of its members had one time or the other became jail-birds. Only yesterday, I was at High Court to hear another case of appeal by CSJ on his illegal assembly without a license. This is the state of affair of the government's authoritarian control. There is no balance of justice. But as of the nature of SDP...being hot-headed, always landed them into unnecessary trouble of the law. Can you beat the system of PAP? Look into the broader areas whereby, SDP can alleviate the lives of Singaporeans. Be a parliamentary bird please!

CSJ strong speech during the party's anniversary is an awakening to the other self-serving parties who only see themselves as worthy of their party not as a whole unity at all. SPP's Chiam See Tong (CST) stood out as the greatest 'flim-flam' that he single-handedly brought up and also bring down. The latest debacle of removing of Desmond Lim (DL) as party ASG is the worst decision ever made by a party head and veteran MP for 25 years. The worst self-serving 'acute-angle' man with no regards to the law of fair-play, loyality and credibility. And CST goes further to want to kick DL out of SDA as secretary-general. But he was out-voted and he even did not show up in the SDA SEC meeting. CST has 'red-carded' himself. And sure, the dinghies in his party circle goes round and round. How sad!

Workers Party(WP)has maintained their noble-silent self...which may or may not be an advantage to them...But generally many see it as a strategic stance worthy of their own credulity. Low Thia Khiang is a season veteran, still young with boundless synergies, together with Sylvia Lim will be a formidable force of a credible opposition. Quiet, yet unassumingly well prepared.

Reform Party(RP) ...has hit it off like wild inferno when Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ), trying to move into the wings of SPP to form an alliance..But the events that unfolded revealed a man of poor political vision, over-exerting his authority, as in his 11 point conditions. Hence, the fiasco that perpetuate till now saw no end. And in the end, KJ saw that it does not serve his purpose to associate with a loser in CST, he vamoosed without a no thank you to old man Chiam.

CST is now in political limbo, so to speak. Come 19th Nov, a Political Dialogue will be held at NUS...and CSJ, Sylvia Lim (SL), KJ and CST are invited to participate. But with CST's condition, I guess Chiam will ask his wife Lina to represent him. Notably absent is NSP's Goh Meng Seng (GMS)...not invited.

National Solidarity Party (NSP) has weathered many political storm..Apart from the best showing in 2001 by Steve Chia, at best the party is quite mediocre. It has never risen to the occasion. Now with GMS at its helm as SG....hopefully some political awakening is in the offing, if NSP in contesting Tampines this coming election can skew up Maboh Tan team, he will be hailed as the Minister killer, over-coming a short but crafty National Development minster. Wish you success !

The moment of truth will be in this coming election. How well the opposition parties can perform will be a benchmark set for future strategies to overcome PAP's dominance and SLOWLY BUT SURELY vote PAP out...when the time is met with the right opportune.

And surely we will not like to see the same oppositions floating in the dinghies and paddling in the children's pool ever again and again....


patrrick lee song juan