Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our Modern Generations of Diverse and Violent Youth.

Modern kids, many are spoilt, snobbish, no respect for elders and very defiant, act tough, pseudo-power, everything you can name
them. Nevertheless there are also many who stood up refined and helpful. These are the rare breed indeed!

Moral values and ethics have eroded due to the circumstances of societal challenge. The urgency of parents to provide the best for the family. The norm of both parents working. The employing of maids to look after the children when in the most tender age.

All these had eroded the proper upbringing of kids in S'pore. And the education system of 'elitist' independent schools segregated the seemingly more brilliant youth from their "no so smart" peers. Hence, society breeds characters of 'high and mighty people' like what our present horde of young 3rd generation ministers and MPs. Have 'IQ' but no 'EQ'. What has the government indirectly done to the sons and daughters of Singapore!!

Child Psychologists believe that the first six years of a child's growing up with a least a parent in constant care is important than leaving in the hands of
the maids.

Tougher penalty is a good deterrence against youth violence. I am all for it!!

patrick lee song juan.