Wednesday, November 24, 2010

SPP and SDA fading into Political Oblivion !

Bryan Ti has put in the clearest perspective the state of affairs of MP Chiam See Tong (CST). A well-detailed write point by point of CST's follies and political misadventure.

CST is nailing himself deeper into his own coffin. No one is nailing him.
He is clinging to his last breath to hold on to 'his little kingdom'. CST must be too physically and mentally weak to even know what he is doing...Is he falling into his second childhood??

As Bryan pointed out the a vivid picture of CST's S'pore Peoples' Party (SPP) political
ill-ambition, we will just watch by the by-line the unfolding of CST's self-demise.

Desmond has all along did what he is doing for the good of SPP. To be branded and kicked out by the ingrate CST is incredible!!

I will not write too much as everything is covered by my capable BryanTi....his comprehensive write-up of the blunders and follies of CST.

WE leave it to the people to judge from their conscious mind and heart, not sentimentality !

CST can issue statements like this.."In the interest of the S'pore Democratic Alliance (SDA), we must serve our people and country first and not for own self-interest."
GREAT saying LOL! Bryan Ti said..whether I want to laugh or cry !.....What a farcical utterance !

Is anyone out there crying for a cause of delirium in a sad old man !
Heaven forbids !!!

patrick lee song juan