Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Five Beauties of Reform Party (RP)

Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) are not using people power but women (feminine power) to softly but deadly kill all those young and matured guys into submission by the supposedly 5 beauties of the RP world. A new party manifesto of ..."Seeing the beauty is... worth voting for Reform Party (RP)".

And here with my inspiration I compose a poem dedicated to the Five Beauties of RP.......may they find their beau...if not hitched yet !

The Five Beauties of Reform Party (RP)

Sitting elegantly in motionless rhapsody
The alluring smile of five beauties
Can be the death of many a man's 'indignity.'

Every gesture of smile is ever so tempting
The coquettish nature of many a feminine
Raise the adrenaline of the weakening man.

Render hopelessly intoxicated is the man
Not by liquor or wine but by the sensuous
Seduction of "Cleopatra"-

The Queen of mystic beauty and charm.
Women oh women!..the nemesis of men
Ever so willing to die in their bosom.

-leesjuan (copyright reserved)

"If living comes that easy, many of us may be
missing something in life" - leesjuan

patrick lee song juan