Sunday, November 21, 2010

Human Mind and its idiosyncrasies !


I like your raising the question today in Dr Ng Yuen Yen class on 'smart aleck' who can
pass certain interview and admitted into the Sangha (monk) order or for that matter any order!
The just news of MOE scholar (Jonathan Wong) is another case in point! A pervert of child pornography with
an intelligent mind! So what is the equation of a person's worth and integrity in our human mind world??

The fact that all human has an 'uncanny mind' is undeniable. The mind can never 'betray'
a person. It is the character after months or even years of close scrutiny then the flaws surfaced.
So, you see, why is TT Durai, Meng Yi, Joshua Kang and the likes never apprehended
earlier until years later. The fact is you can never read their so-called 'noble' mind.....

Psychologist and psychiatrist can do that much ONLY when a case is found to be 'wayward' not before.
Before ..all that is only assessment. And these experts....damned! if they can detect anything
from the human 'SLY' mind. So you see what I mean......

In the Sangha order as in the Vatican, etc...the 'other side of midnight' is a sight to behold !!
Buddha and God in their most rational judgment will never want to create the human race
due to the atrocities and falsity and fallacy of the human mind, hahaha! Remember the simple term
"mind over matter" is more than simple. The complexities of the human mind without a
conscience compared to a beast..which survived not through manipulation but beastly
instinct of survival of the fittest. The law of the animal world is a straightforward law.

See how an old lion without good teeth will die because he has lost the dexterity to hunt to keep
him alive....the animal world of natural balance of death and survival. That lion may be killed
by another young lion, tiger or other beast due to his condition for their survival...a 'straight' process. The evolution of the animal kingdom !

Human can never understand the mind of human. Only through mind awareness by meditation
to gain Bhavana (wisdom) is where the human mind can be a knot above other lesser mind.
Mind training is the only way to save the human race from our own self-destruction.
No different from the Sangha order , the Vatican or the other christian fraternities....
Hence Buddha foresaw all the evils of the human mind since his time and through all eternity!

We live to see the unfolding of the heavenly bliss...We live to see our mind mature in meditation
to achieve 'jhana' and be a arahat. We let the world judge us, not us judge the world..It is too big a cosmic entity
of the human race... with the most unfathomable MIND!

"If living comes that easy, many of us may be
missing something in life" - leesjuan

patrick lee s juan