Sunday, November 28, 2010

PM Lee tells us next Year's Budget will be 'Good'

Bringing S'pore forward is an absolutely serious matter said PM Lee. And more generous budget and goodies for the citizens. No one will be left behind. S'poreans will come first. And more "affordable" home for the people. All sounded so familiar before the big election every time in the past too.

AS of now...many S'poreans are taking what LHL said with nonchalance. When they returned to power and that will be for sure. It is just a matter of how many more seats PAP will lose this time.

The likelihood for the election will be next March. S'poreans especially the younger generation has, thanks to the internet, are much more aware of the political nuance.

Have the citizens' lives really become better this last few years with the policies of PAP??..all bulldozed down the citizens' throats. The high COL...the ever increase of everything under the PAP kingdom. And to add insult to injury, with SMRT and SBS Transit making money, the government completely altered the lives of senior citizens by doing away with fixed end to end 69 cents travel after computer statistics showed that most senior old folks just travel from end to end...And that is not good for a higher profit for the transport company. So to discourage long single journey, not only the general population but seniors were forced to take transfers to save a little on transport. In the end, not all will benefit from it. And weak and movement difficulty seniors were curtailed and many just stay at home to look at the ceiling board or die of boredom.

That is what PM Lee said, no S'poreans will be left behind. Yes! the young and economically actives are all encouraged to do more. The seniors many with little or no contribution are greatly marginalized and life in S'pore is never "affordable". For the chosen elites and upper echelons of S'pore
everything are truely affordable with their "obscene' high pay.

The poor citizens and all senior poor folks are discarded...will always pay more and more... Singaporeans KNOW TOO WELL NOW how they are being HOODWINKED.

Thank you PM Lee!!! Many things in S'pore are never affordable for many citizens anymore, only for everyone of YOU ministers and your big cannon Guns !!!

patrick lee song juan
(wrote for Yahoo Fit-to-Post,
copy and pasted into my Blog.)