Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Chiam See Tong (CST) is Omnipotent !

Chiam See Tong did that years ago when he was SG of SDP, wanting veto powers but in the end was voted out by the very CEC members of SDP. And it was really unfortunate that Dr Chee Soon Juan (CSJ) appeared at that time of the fracas within SDP, so CSJ was ...implicated and CST got the audacity to release press statements that CSJ usurped his SG position in SDP then. Ultimately Chiam had to leave SDP and formed S"pore Peoples' Party (SPP)

CST is a power hungry man all along and to this day..for the reason that he is afraid of letting go his SG position in (SPP); has never recognized Desmond's contribution to SPP for 14 years and now even booted him out of S'pore Democratic Alliance's (SDA) SG.

How low can this 'ingrate' old man bend to?... in view of his stroke which is already a karmic effect. Now he is giving himself even more negative karma.

I just pity Desmond Lim (DL) who never listen to me to move on even 3 month's ago to resign from SPP when Lina Chiam came in the picture. I foresaw what will be happening and it may still not too late yet for DL just to officially resign from SPP and activate his S'pore Justice Party (SJP) and with PKMS and SL to form a 3-party new Alliance which will be much stronger than the present SDA. SDA will be a foregone conclusion of old Chiam's omnipotence. And Chiam's nemesis will be Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) of RP. Chiam will be squashed like a sunkist orange! No dictator will last a life time and with his medical condition...he may get a third stroke if he is not careful, I will be sorry for him.

At this threshold of his (Chiam) life, he still wants fame and greater recognition and maybe fortune but he forgot his time is in the twilight zone now!!!! Is not life the only great holy order of human's supreme existence in this world? Why would Chiam still want political fame at the expense of his only one life !!?? Maybe he has a cat's life of nine!!
God bless him and Heaven forbids. Regards.

patrick lee song juan