Sunday, October 10, 2010

We do not need Ah Lian as MP !!

We need more gutsy people like Dr Joseph Ong to bring out the ugly side of any story. I unreservedly support what Dr. Ong said about Lee Bee Wah on the Ping Pong (PP) saga....imagine just after winning a silver medal for S' proud we were for S'pore and here comes an unrefined MP not knowing anything about PP, gave press statement and care less of the damaged she would cause.

V Balan (minister of MCYS) should have sacked her as president of STTA. We do not need an 'ah lian' with loud mouth and sad! chosen by PAP and 'lagi' sad, entered by 'back-door' to become MP..And the best part is..she always been seen walking behind PM Lee in many occasion in public functions!! Boot-polishing!!

A democratic country should not sanction free speech and harass fact finding citizens who speak the truth. How can the government improve if no feedback is received??? no matter how critical but with true essence !!!

Dr Amy Khor , our petite feedback chairman of Reach will know what it is like to give honest 'no-barred' feedbacks..I used to be a fairly frequently contributor to Reach then. I attended their Forums but in one Forum I attended, when I questioned the young Manpower Director on foreigner workers' policy strongly (and asked to be put on record)...that was the last they invited me to any other Forums..hahaaa! That young chap just don't know what to do....imagine this kind of young Director of a Division in the Manpower Ministry..I can't recall his name! Anyone can become a director like him and anyone can be an 'ah lian' also...LOL!

patrick lee song juan