Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Good Quality of a Political Party.

Everyone can be a politician. There is no strict criteria or qualification into the uncertain world of politics. The only certainty is how you can manipulate yourself against your opponents to stay 'relevant' to your cause. Joining a credible political party is the first step to 'stardom' as in the candidates of PAP. Instant fame and fortune without lifting a feather !!

Another alternative is to form your own political party. And you are the instant chairman. secretary-general or whatever title and name you want to give to yourself. That is called self-imposed title power.

A political party is only as good as the voters vote you in. Hence PAP is that good for 50 years. It does matter what method or ways they used to hold on to power and indoctrinating the citizens to keep on voting for them. They must really have a stranglehold on all the other parties. As power is consolidated, other areas of strategic planning and mopping up is constantly evolving. And one of the most intrinsic process is succession by renewal. PAP is given top marks on that. Hence the hegemony of PAP dominance and perpetuation to this day after 50 years in power.

A sad look at Opposition political parties. 'Dissipated' membership, lacking in strategic planning, most have no succession plan. The 'chief' always hold fort till his last breath . SPP is one such party. After 25 years of ruling Potong Pasir, the one and only Chiam See Tong (CST) wedged sole power on his party members that no one is even worth a mention. Until all the skeleton started falling from the closet then CST's protege, ironically became 'famous' with the infamy of internal bickering and 'power relegation' and nepotic succession. In the end Desmond Lim became too famous to be retained and was ousted as ASG from SPP CEC. Now the fight is on to oust him from the SDA secretary-general's (SG) position. That is the politics of Opposition ''party of disunity and void of cohesion'. At a time when the true focus should be a cohesive effort to strategize the opposition platform on how to win a few seats in parliament.

In as much as Singapore need a change of government. It will take tremendous effort for all the opposition parties to come to terms towards unity and consolidation. PAP has never felt so threatened as they are now. The ground is much more level in terms of engaging PAP. The grouses and dissatisfaction of the citizens have never been that bold and vociferous. PAP knows too well what they are in from this coming election.

But, opposition parties are not really capitalizing on this aspect instead SDA is brought to the forefront of news through press release and counter-denial and accusation all in the name of Opposition dis-unity. So, is that called 'good qualities of a political party'.

PAP maintains their status quo and is considered having the good qualities of a political party. (without looking at their failings lately to the citizens of Singapore).

It will take many many years to build up a formidable good opposition party or parties to really vote PAP out into oblivion. WP and SDP is not even 50 percent of the strength of what PAP is. So, can we call our Opposition parties having the quality of 'good' or just 'looking good'??

"Fame, like water, bears up the lighter things, and lets the weighty sink." -Pedro C de la Barca (Spanish dramatist)

"The human factor brings out the wonders of life
and the touching moments of care and compassion."

Best Regards
patrick lee song juan