Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Oppositions' Weakness in Unity

Bryan and Wilson..since as Kenneth Jeyaretnam (KJ) said the ball is in our we can kick it around right and may not kick into their goal. POOR AIM LAH!

Wilson is a up and coming protege of yours Bryan. His views holds 'rainbow colours' of many truth......even me cannot hold a candle to this young 'ding dong' pussy.

In the interest of opposition certainty and unity and if numbers do in PAP's always fielding 84 members. To them it is so easy. WP or RP should try to field 84 candidates if they can but with discreet foreboding...because the trash bin has alot of discards. Due to the mentality of candidates to be preferring to ride on the 'dragon' may be a tall order to recruit even 40 candidates for each opposition party. The win-win scenario will be to pool resources of members and knowing the electoral boundaries later to allocate every constituency to be contested with candidates under an "understanding umbrella". Ideally, if any one party have 84 may be easier but than again you may not be able to avoid 3-corner fights which is a no-no. Just a reverie, the magic number of 84!

This coming election will be the best bet..and for Chiam See Tong (CST)..the last bet on KJ's 'prediction'...CST will have to fight his last battle and KJ is helping him to fight the odds on an 'even keel' but... Bryan may not agreed with me on that!

SDP, NSP,WP, RP will be a force to reckon..SDA is still in limbo and SPP is now in fact leaning more to RP than the other way round. CST knows too well his declining health needs a younger man to give him a strong shoulder.

Go for it in UNITY, ALL OPPOSITION PARTIES for the common purpose of 'SLOWLY BUT SURELY' voting PAP out of parliament in time to come. And this election is the best that can ever happen to begin with that important STEP !!

Trademark Patent: I am registering my trademark phrase "SLOWLY BUT SURELY" which I have used in many case Bryan disputes and steals it in his write-up. The 'MinWage'(minimum wage)....was the catalyst..hahahaa!

patrick lee song juan