Sunday, October 24, 2010

Work till Thy Kingdom Cometh

Today's 93.8 FM News (25.10.2010) on France passing a law to have citizens to retire at age 62 years officially. Official retirement age was 60 years since 1982. With this law passed...the country is in turmoil now...with strikes in many places. The citizens are not happy for the change.

In Singapore we have very 'well-mannered' and 'kwai-kwai' citizens that never give the government any problem. Our official retirement age will go up to 65 years! S'pore has become a First World country to really assist the citizens to work till 'thy Kingdom come'. No money, no or die....MM LeeKuanYew is still working hor! at 87....but he is the exception not the norm, LOL!

I want to work with my age ...but..the employer or HR department always ask..How old are you?...When I reveal my age...Sorry are not within our age range...Being courteous to say that...than throwing cold water into my face..."You are too old, man!"

Government and SEF (S'pore Employers Federation) are all 'Lip-Service
and (Chairman of the Council for the 3rd age) Lim Boon Heng has many 'lips' a chicken's...just open and close like a chicken's 'croaka'(backside)

patrick lee song juan