Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wilson Ho says no to Minimum Wage

@wilson..with regime changed... can we see the can be worst, you never know. The reason we all want a change of government is PAP is all Almighty now..greater than God (in their own image), not compassionate and not doing for the poor..HDB keeps on up and up and the guys in the morning waking up from bed "singing "Majulah Singapura"..I do, every morning at 5 am..see how patriotic I am and all the others!!!

So let us take a step at a time...SLOWLY BUT SURELY remove PAP from the government and work with whoever government it would be..maybe another 10 years time to form. Our present set of opposition, you tell me can they recruit enough true blue S'poreans to fight a good fight with PAP..many will want to just ride on the smooth wave on a comfortable surfboard of fame. Just human lah!

Within this ten years, we do not expect our poor citizens to suffer the indignity of being outcast and ostracized by our very government of 50 years with(the ministars) living their live of 'enormous nonchalance'...this is the 'death of our social and demographic decadence... upheaval due to the foreigners turned citizens and our citizens relegated to being 3rd class. Do the PAP cares? They only cares more can go into their coffers. And at the same time stop citizens from withdrawing our very own CPF with increasing greater minimum sum as compulsory retention...If this is not worst than a communist state than what is???

The poor will not want to draw a $1000/- a month salary after 10 years due to no MinWage, when the ministars keep on increasing their obscene pay beyond "OMG". and keep on taxing across the board the poor citizens on everything under the PAP sun.....Have a life man friend !!! see the real pix of desolation of life and suffering to come to many daily lives....then the CPI will really kill most of us with every daily necessities beyond one's reach and YES! we forgot about the people on social security....will be lucky if they can live on $360/- per month...Lily Neo would resign trying to knock into V.Balan's head to please increase their social allowance but VB will say.."do this poor guys want to eat 'bao yu' (abalone) and Lily Neo just stormed out crying from see the scenario wilson..can be true you know....with all those third generation invertebrates running the government. Gone were the old guards days !! A sad lamentation !!!

patrick lee song juan