Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Health 'Ministar' Khaw Boon Wan and His $8/- Medical Bills

Health Minister Khaw only paid $8/- after his heart-bypass surgery due to medical insurance. He can say it with great ease! With his exorbitant pay, any kind of medical insurance with cover him. And he did not divulge or tell us he is entitled to A1 class in hospitals FREE as a government 'servant'.

He paid a token $8/- is so ironic. Mr minister, you cannot compare 'abalone with cockles' (you being the abalone of society). Talk is easy. Who cannot talk. My grand daughter at one and a half year old talks very well too though with limited vocab.

What the government should do is to really subsidise the poor to insure them for more on Health and Medical insurance. We all know that nowadays medical bills are a 'killer' in itself, not the sickness.

Liberate our Medisave for more use on outpatient consultation. Why hold our Medisave in our CPF only for severe illness. By then many of us will not see the living daylights!!!Those who are healthy and have surplus in their Medisave account with no major medical conditions that do not need surgery should be given an option to use their Medisave on outpatient payments on medicines in Polyclinics. Many old and destitute folks really find it tough to pay for the medicine and consultation charges in outpatient clinics.

Have a heart Khaw Boon Wan...though you had your heart-bypass. Your heart is still there! With your 'higher echelon' of life, (please do not compare 'abalone with cockle again. PM Lee Hsien Loong will like some cockles for his mee-siam, hahaha!) medical bills are never in your mind. But I sincerely wish you to live a healthy and empathetic life for the poor citizens of S'pore. I am a 'poor' man too. I am healthy but my Medisave account is locked for 'DEATH not FOR LIFE'...if you know what I mean...Give everyone of us a better deal on our own money of Medisave savings.

A good scenario is when a terminally-ill cancer patient dying and have only one month to live. His/her medisave account long depleted. He has a minimum sum savings there sitting waiting to be used when he reaches 65 years in monthly instalments...My God!...he is dying now and cannot use his so called minimum sum money to assist his predicament now! Where is the rationale ??

What the CPF and government will do is when he is dead...paper money will be burned as 'Hellnotes' to him to live a rich life in Hell. How sad? In life we cannot use our real money !? Do our government have a heart? And our Mr Khaw had just mended his heart for $8/-. LMAO !

I am a VWO volunteer and a Voice for the Poor. Regards.

patrick lee song juan