Monday, October 4, 2010

PAP's Political Game

@GMS..agree in certainty your assessment and analysis. PAP because of its head-start and financial resources will always be the forefront runner. But Meng Seng..your effort is tremendous...just that you have to be very careful when promoting racial issue.. in political jargon it is 'a time bomb' when you pull the wrong plug. Guess I need not elaborate on it.

As in anything...more so in politics, we must be seen to do things that come with tangible inclination rather than wishy washy disorientation.

If you read between the lines of my earlier comment, you would understand that greater caution should be exercised when come to any race issue. Saw what happened to Tan Liang Hong...he was labelled a 'chinese chauvinist' and forced out of S'pore. This should not happen to you. You know what tactics PAP will employ when dealing against good and dedicated oppositions. Francis Seow was another case in point.

Having said all a 'SUKI', I am rallying for you to be in parliament though the saddest thing is to wack the living daylights out of the shorty 'affordable' HDB 'big man' suki maboh Tan. Send him back to Kheng Kiu or Hainan Island.

patrick lee song juan