Wednesday, October 13, 2010

What is Real Ruthless Politics ?

The saga goes on and on ...any comment from Reform Party's (RP) Kenneth jeyaretnam !?? Chiam being old is trying to ride on a new horse and the 'unicorn' takes this opportunity to consolidate his demand..'normal, normal' in all political 'self-serving agendas and counter-agendas'.

It is 'survival of the fitness' (and if you are not fit, you cling on) as in the animal kingdom...and now we have a legendary 'mythical' unicorn on the dis-united opposition scene.

Politics is a game of manipulation, manifestation, truth, untruth, is a search of one's mind power and the 'dared decision' to come by...but ultimately one has to bear with the consequences and live with his conscience as our MM Lee Kuan Yew (LKY). His 'systematic ruthlessness' was the order of his political dominance. He knows what it is to be soft in politics. And where will he be now if he did not eliminate all his political opponents !!??

'Cottons' are for the weaving industries !!

patrick lee song juan