Saturday, October 30, 2010

A comment by Wilson Ho on what it takes to be a real Human Politician

Democracy is just a "word" a politician or party used as a mean to their end.

At the end of the day, it is the character of the person in office that interprets "democracy" in his/her persona. So in the true sense of the word... there's really no democracy.

Go back to a monarchy anytime, insofar we have a magnanimous human king.

Although this sound too cruel and pragmatic, the seat of the government should go to the person or party, who seeks to advance the interest of ALL and not just the majority.

In my views, one who believes strongly in consensualism would be the best person of the job, whereby even the minority's interest are not compromised or threaten.

Singapore cannot even to have a leader who is not pluralistic in views because we have simply too many different interest groups. Even among chinese, we are divided by dialects and ancestral "villages". Therefore the leader or party must be the cohesive and collective agent for all. In part PAP is successful in doing so but through elements of "divide and rule" creating unseen boundaries within the races. What I believe is in a blurred boundaries, whereby it overlaps each other, and only in that can the entire nation be woven and moved in one singular working block.

What communist, socialist, liberal, green, black, grey!

Any ideologies that do not ground its "theology" in human is useless.

Human, must be the centre of politics. Human, must be the moving factors for policies. Human must be the THEOCRACY of politic whichever brands it carries.

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