Thursday, October 14, 2010

FM 93.8 'Talkback Outdoor Live' on engaging PAP ministers on Facebook and Twitter

YOU SAID IT ALL my DD Wilson. I watched 'Saving Private Ryan' many years ago..I was so immersed by the show and really salute America for going all out by the commanders to save the last life blood of a
family..Tom Hanks acted in it and I think Matt Dillon acted as Ryan. It will be true in real life if an American citizen is in trouble. America loves their citizen. S'pore government loves the citizens' money !!

To this day..everyone can see what PAP is doing..just amassed all the money for themselves and their cronies and today's ST..increasing Temasek Holdings stake from 17.7 percent in Stanchart and subscribing to Stanchart's sale of raising 3.3 billion pounds.

Yes! who in high power places say they are not corrupted? In S'pore it is the system of "legalised corruption" that no one can dig the loophole.
All the Minister Mentor's men in who's who famous book.

Former Thailand's PM Thaksin, yes! he is also corrupted by as you said Wilson and all knows.. he helped the poor people tremendously. Loan them huge land parcels at practically no interest for their crops to grow and only pay back when the farmers make profit.

In S'pore, everything is our money to the PAP government..not the PAP governments money to us. Yes! a little handout here and there to us as 'beggars handout' and after that the perennial payback time to them.(PAP)

Let us question ourselves sincerely, can we really let this PAP government after 50 years to dictate every facet of our life, public or private???

This morning's talkback on FM93.8 (14th Oct 2010)...which I was invited to attend live on last Saturday 9th (11am to 2pm) and air this morning at 8.15 to 8.50 am..saw me on air questioning ministers' facebook account. All want to be their friends..George yeo, Vivian Balan, and Teo Ser Luck... only want to hear the good stuffs. When i wrote to George yeo in his twitter account about S'pore he has no courtesy to reply me.

The question at the live 'Talkback Outdoors' I asked was not edited to my surprise and they even informed me to tune in to listen this morning. What a great team in Talkback of Keith, Bharati and Vice President/Chief Editor 938LIVE and Radio News-Lee-Ng Foong Ming which I chatted with her at the Live show at Toby's Parkway Parade where the show was held.

I questioned the rational of the ministers' facebook account when they pick and choose 'yes' men to answer. It was aired this morning on 93.8 FM and was not edited . Only Ser Luck did answer me once in my private wall to him on FB. Since then I have deleted all these high and mighty 'ministars' account!!

This is the so called ministers who want to engage with netizens -pick and choose -always the good stuff to stuff into their mouth!......hahaaaa!!

patrick lee song juan