Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mother Teresa and Mdm Kwa Geok Choo (KGC)

Then Heaven will send our parents to Johore Bharu (JB) to Khaw Boon Wan (KBW) said. He is living in a 'make-belief world of his riches...what a hypothetical question to ask KBW ? if everyone were to be like Mrs Lee, tsk, tsk... and he wanted our parents to stay in JB !

What about Mother Teresa ? -she really brought heaven to the slums of India, Calcutta...Money in life is not everything.
Mr Khaw, are you trying to say that if everyone were like Mrs Lee...(in monetary terms) ??.....this planet will be heaven?

Mdm Kwa was a lady personified by her good character and her no-air attitude on others. She had contributed to the shaping of S'pore. I believe if without her LKY will not be that great. The success of many men was because of the women behind them, is true to the adage. In this instant of KGC and LKY... a perfect meeting of intelligent minds !

But when in true essence of comparison, Mother Teresa received the Nobel Prize for Humanity to humanity. Each has their merits...there is no lacking in yardsticks..How would you qualify and quantify a whole life of dedication to the poor??..Regards.

patrick lee song juan