Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Mothers of All Opposition Battles against the PAP

yes! that will be sad..But I have confidence in WP. Strategies are important and sincere heart-searching facts to strike into the heart-string of the majority of voters..The ground is really the best now and sentiments.

SDP may spring some surprises being quiet in their recruitment and direction. I know them quite well to say that. SDP is less confrontational now more on the essence of true change for citizens. The bread and butter issues..Free speech and liberal democracy can cast aside temporary till more voices in parliament.

NSP's GMS is rather erratic. Over exposure on Facebook is bad for him though.
The mantra is go the middle path and write with conviction and true delivery..Tam-penis GRC will be a hot contest GRC..I sincerely hope GMS can trounce the living daylights of 'mabok' tan..too long living in his PAP comfort zone.

And I forgot!..WP's Sylvia Lim will be doing well against Georgie boy Yeo ( Jack Neo's good friend and supporter aha!)..Hoping Aljunied GRC do not change much on the redrawing of the boundary. I am a resident of Aljunied GRC..all for WP's Sylvia Lim.

RP can be formidable if they can rally well during the 9 days. We need strong and captivating speakers to move the heart-strings of the disgusted voters seating on the fence to fill into the opposition ground.

i am conducting courses on Election Rally $300 to $500 (shy leh to advertise on FB, old man no job from govt. Don't want to eat rice and soya sauce everyday you know haha!).. per session of half hr to an hr for minimum class of 10 people. Can contact me through email at ( for discussion and areas of improvement on what the PAP is trying to the 'Minds and Hearts" of the people..Opposition can win ..not PAP now..too many blunders in this short last 5 years.

Yes! forgot about Chiam's SPP...he will be the one who found and ruin it...Potong Pasir will be sad if it goes to the opposition...Only sympathy votes will save Lina Chiam..a political greenhorn acting like the dowager of PP and SPP. Chiam is a had been! Sad, real sad.

So Chiam got to get his acts together and I can say SDA will just be a name with all this intra-fighting and bickering...PAP is quietly preparing for the greatest onslaught of PP with better promises and Woody Goh may this time bring XO for Seetho not nanny's nmilk when they lost again the last time. And mind you..the results was pretty close the last time. Potong Pasir will see the day of reckoning with Chiam's omnipotence! (sorry Bryan use your word again! vocab. limited lah..just can't think of another better word to describe chiam leh!).

Good Luck all Oppositions. Fight this real battle of your life. The MOTHER of all Opposition battles..We are so near yet so far !!


patrick lee song juan